At Underwood Park CrossFit we endeavor to produce complete human beings: people who are healthier, happier, more energetic, more centered in their lives, more productive members of society. We seek physical, mental, and even spiritual health.  Pursuing elite fitness through constantly varied, functional movement, executed at a high intensity is the lens we use to approach human development.  Working out at our gym with our coaches and members, you will improve your capacity in endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

But beyond, and arguably more important than the fitness gains we produce, we build a strong community.  The members of our classes grind through workouts together, encourage one another through difficulty, and celebrate each other's accomplishments.  No one works out alone, and we have no prerequisites for joining.  Any person of any ability is eagerly welcomed into our classes and celebrated for the unique gifts they bring.  Do you have a 600 pound deadlift?  You’ll inspire everyone with your raw strength.  Have you never successfully done a push-up?  You’ll inspire everyone with your tenacity as you pursue that goal.


The driving force behind the foundation of Underwood Park CrossFit is our inclusion of a worshiping community in our gym.  The fact that many people don’t go to church anymore doesn’t mean that no one is looking for spiritual outlets.  The worshiping community combines spiritual practices and workouts in a unique format that allows us to use our pursuit of fitness to open ourselves to something deeper.  Those weekly sessions are available at no charge to anyone who has completed a free intro.  Those sessions are completely optional and in no way a condition of membership.  From our commitment to our members, to our involvement in the community, to donating 10% of our proceeds to charity each month, to providing regular opportunities for members to engage in meaningful community service, the worshiping community informs all that we do at our gym.


Our vision is to offer a single place where the human needs for connection, spirituality, and physical health can be met in community with others, striving to live into the fullest expressions of humanity in the bodies we’ve been given.