Who do you want to be when you grow up?

None of us wanted to be
the woman who still outgrows her jeans every year, 
or the guy who gets winded climbing up the stairs.
We wanted to be happy,
to be able to play with our kids,
or go for a hike on the weekend,
or look good in our swimsuits.
We didn't want to have to worry about our health
or be limited by our bodies.

Maybe you’re still holding onto that dream
even though it seems far away.

Or maybe you’ve made some progress toward it,
but you’ve gotten stuck
and need some guidance to get over the hump.

Maybe you need some help
to get to where you always dreamed you’d be.

We’re like the people in that video:
moms and dads, nurses, maintenance workers,
programmers, and educators. 

Some of us are lifelong athletes,
some of us are only just discovering
that we even have athletic abilities. 
Some of us love running, some of us love lifting weights,
some love yoga or golf or hiking. 
But all of us want to be healthy,
all of us want to be better tomorrow than we are today,
and all of us want to support each other
as we go on that journey.

No one gym or program is appealing to everyone,
but if you want to get in the best shape of your life,
and you want to do it surrounded
by people who will become your cheerleaders,
support network, and friends,
then you’ve come to the right place.


Still with us?  Great!
At Underwood Park CrossFit,
everyone starts off with a one-on-one intro session
with a coach, no matter their experience level. 
This is an hour-long session
that is scheduled by appointment only.

During the intro, we will…

  • Have you fill out a waiver and basic health questionnaire

  • Discuss your athletic background and current activity level

  • Ask about your fitness or life goals and talk about how we can help you reach them

  • Tour our facility

  • Talk about how we implement the CrossFit methodology to give you the results you want

  • Put you through a fitness assessment to see where you’re beginning your training with us and how we can best suit our training to your unique needs

  • Suggest a membership option that will best fit your goals and abilities

This session is designed for you,
so please bring any questions or concerns you might have.

If you don’t think our programs
will change your life like they’ve changed ours,
then we thank you for visiting and wish you the best.

But if you think we just might be the place
where you can finally get closer to becoming
the person you’ve always dreamed of being,
call, e-mail or fill out this form
to get started on your journey.

What are you waiting for?