Frequently Asked Questions


Is CrossFit only for elite athletes?

NO!  If you are an elite athlete, CrossFit will absolutely challenge you and improve your performance.  But the same techniques that turn Olympians from silver medalist to gold medalists can be used to help you lose 10 pounds, look great in a swimsuit, pick up your kids without back pain, or go for a walk without needing two days to recover.  CrossFit is for everybody.


Is CrossFit safe?

CrossFit is safe when done with proper mechanics.  Our coaches obsess about proper mechanics and teach you how to move well.  Proper movement not only greatly reduces the risk of injury, it often has the capacity to rehabilitate old injuries.  Remember of course, that any physical activity can result in injury.  CrossFit is safer than many activities because we stress moving your body in the ways it was designed to move. 


What qualifies your coaches to help me train?

In order to teach CrossFit methods, CrossFit, Inc. requires that coaches complete the Level 1 Trainer Certificate Course - an intensive course in CrossFit methodology.  We require this for our coaches as well, but we also require them to do continuing education in anatomy, physiology, and movement practice.  Our coaching staff meets weekly to hone their skills through drills on seeing, correcting, and teaching movements.  All of our coaches are also strongly encouraged to pursue further education in CrossFit coaching methodology.


What does WOD mean?

"WOD" stands for "Workout Of the Day."


The workouts you post look way too hard!  Am I expected to do all that?

Every movement we do can be scaled to your unique abilities.  Nearly every athlete we work with scales at some point or another.  We don't expect or ask that everyone be capable of the same physical performance.  What we do ask and expect is that you do the best you can possibly do today.


I don't know how to do the movements in the workout.  Where can I learn them?

The safest and most effective way to learn how to do these movements is with a coach who knows them and will watch you and correct you as you execute them.  Teaching, correcting, and optimizing movement are the bread and butter of all of our classes.  The best place for you to learn the movements in our workouts is at our gym!  That said, the CrossFit main site has an extensive collection of demo videos here.


Will I get bulky doing CrossFit?

This is a fear for many women and a goal for many men.  When combined with the nutrition practices we teach, CrossFit builds lean, strong, capable bodies.  If you are overweight, you will get lighter.  If you are underweight, you will reach a healthier weight.  CrossFit will help you lose fat and gain muscle, but only a very small percentage of people get bulky by accident.  For the vast majority of the population, getting bulky involves an intense nutrition regimen coupled with specialized training.


How does CrossFit improve my athletic performance?

CrossFit challenges athletes across all 10 generally recognized physical skills: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, agility, coordination, balance, and accuracy.  Many traditional training methods only target a few of these skills, or isolate them when they do.  We regularly target all 10, the result being well-rounded athletes that perform better in any sport and tend to learn new sports far more quickly than traditionally-trained athletes.


I've done CrossFit before, do I still need to do an Intro Session?

Yes.  We ask everyone who joins our gym to do an intro session.  These are free of charge.  Every CrossFit gym is a little bit different and if you've done CrossFit before, we use the intro session to make sure that you as the athlete and we as the coaches are on the same page about your training.