One Wave at a Time

I read a true story a few years ago
of a man who was doing some ocean kayaking
in the Pacific Northwest.
He was way out to sea - a couple of miles from shore -
when a storm rolled in.

He was caught in swells that were 20 feet or higher for FOURTEEN HOURS...
in a kayak...
by himself.

And miraculously, he survived.


Naturally, people wanted to know how he did it.

He said, "I took it one wave at a time.
Every now and then, I would look around
and see how violent the waves were all around me.
I couldn't see land, only the waves.
In those moments I would start to panic.

And then I would tell myself,
'I just need to make it through this next wave.' 
I told myself that for fourteen hours,
and I made it through."

Workouts get hard - especially long ones.
Hell, life gets hard,
especially when things keep coming at you without any break.

And if you look at everything that lies ahead of you
you'll start to panic and get overwhelmed.
But if you narrow your focus to what's immediately ahead of you,
you can overcome obstacle after obstacle after obstacle
until the storm is finally behind you.

Take it one wave at a time.