You Are Not Like Anyone Else

We've all been there.

You struggle and struggle and struggle with double-unders,
or pull-ups, or box jumps, or dips,
while everyone else around you seems to float through them.

It sucks to finish last.

It's discouraging and frustrating and can make you want to quit.

One of the hardest, but most important things to remember is this:

At the end of the day, you are only competing against yourself.

Don't get me wrong, competing against others is super fun.
It drives us to be better and it builds friendships.
But it's not everything and you shouldn't let it be.

Comparing yourself to your fellow athletes will do one of two things:
a) Give you a false sense of superiority - believe me, someone, somewhere can kick your ass
b) Give you a false sense of inferiority - believe me, you are better than you used to be, and a million steps ahead of sitting on the couch

Leave your ego behind.  Just worry about your own progress.
Show up, work hard, and I promise, you'll go far.