Why You Should Care About the World's Fastest Man

You know who this is?

It's been awhile since the last Summer Olympics,
so he may not be fresh in your mind,
but it's Usain Bolt.

Otherwise known as the fastest man in the world.

You know what makes him so fast?

Genetic potential, for sure,
but also flawless running technique.
He is coached by the best in the world on how to run better than anyone else.


Running is one of those things
that people just take for granted that you can do.

If you can walk, just walk faster and you're running, right?

But it seems pretty clear, that in fact you can't just run.
How many runners do you know
who don't have knee or foot problems?
With the injury rate among runners being about 80%,
I bet it's not many.

If you take nothing else from Usain Bolt, take this:
Running is a skill.

Every bit as technical as gymnastics
or Olympic weightlifting.

To be good at it (i.e. fast and injury-free),
you need training and you need practice.
And by training, I don't mean a "Couch to 5k" program,
I mean a coach telling you how to run better.

Running doesn't have to suck
and it doesn't have to destroy your joints.

Put in the time and the work it takes to learn good technique,
and you can run like the wind for the rest of your life.

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