The 40% Rule

Picture this: you come to the gym and you have to do as many pull-ups as you can.  Say you get 15... or 10... or even 1.  You get 30 seconds of rest and then have to do it again.  This time you get 10 (or 3... or 1).  Another 30 seconds rest, and then once more and you get 4 (or 0).

Your forearms are burning, your lats are smoked out, your grip is shot.  Your are tanked and can barely even think about looking at that bar again.  That's a max set for sure.

And then imagine that I tell you that we're not leaving until you do 100 more.

Could you do it?


You could.

Navy SEAL David Goggins talks about what he calls the 40% Rule.

When you feel like you are totally tapped out and feel like you have absolutely nothing left in the tank, you've actually only used about 40% of your capacity.

There's ALWAYS more left in the tank.

Think of the hardest workout you've ever done...  

The dizzy, stammering, heart-pounding puddle of your former self lying on the floor...

But even so, if you had to, you could get up and move if the building was on fire, or if you had to save your best friend, or if your car broke down.

Your mind will quit long before your body ever will.

Dig deep.  You're stronger than you know.