Stop Lying to Yourself

We lie to ourselves all the time.

Have you ever said to yourself...
- "I'm going to start eating better"
- "I'm going to take better care of myself"
- "I'm going to lose some weight"
- "I'm going to fit back into my favorite pants

And then you never do it... and then it never happens?

I know I have.

And so those things that should be possible to make true become lies that we tell ourselves.

But the REAL PROBLEM, and the reason that happens, is that we believe the biggest lie of them all...

The biggest lie, that every one of us has told ourselves,
that has made every one of us lie to ourselves,
that at some time or another has made every one of us either quit or want to quit,
the biggest lie of them all is this:


Those words are super powerful.
As soon as you believe them you're done.
It doesn't matter what you've accomplished or what you're capable of,
if you believe those words you won't be able to go any farther.

But those words are a lie.

A dirty, dirty lie.


So here's your homework assignment:

During the next workout, the next tough day, the next awful experience,
when the devil is on your shoulder whispering in your ear, "You're not strong enough,"
flip him the bird and pick that bar back up, have that tough conversation, make it through one more minute.  Because you ARE strong enough.

And it's time to stop lying to yourself about your strength.