Are you ready for the PR challenge?

You should be, because it's going to be awesome!

Preliminaries are Saturday, October 24, at 9:00am.
Can't make it?  Don't worry.
There are two make-up options to log your score,
one on Friday, the 23rd, one on Tuesday, the 27th.

For 6 weeks after the preliminaries, we'll devote two workouts each week
to training to improve our scores.

Then, on December 5, all regular classes will be canceled
because it's the PR Challenge Finals!
Get ready for...

  • multiple heats
  • tons of family and friends cheering you on (you supply this)
  • food and drinks (we supply this)
  • music
  • prize money!

You'll use the same weights in the finals as the preliminaries,
and we'll see who improves their time the most and

Will it be you?

Only one way to find out!